This guide is adapted from the visitors information published by The Gazipasa Tourist Office  2008

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A Visitor’s Guide to......



The undiscovered jewel of the Turkish Riviera


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Coastline & Beaches.
Forests & Streams.
Fruits of the Land.
The Banana Story.
Archeological Riches.
More Ruins.
A Life of Migration.
Plateaus of Gazipasa.
Traditions & Customs.
Turkey's Rich Cuisine.
Traditional Dishes.
Caves & Hollows.
Climate & Flora.
Rivers & Springs.
The Sea & Treasures.
Winter dishes.

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Turkish Riviera

Gazipasa Today....


  Much is written in this visitor’s guide about Gazipasa’s past, it’s ancient ruins, the culture of previous generations and of course, it’s history, all of which will be of interest to readers of this guide. But today is also a time of change for Gazipasa as it embarks on yet another phase of its history and development. No longer is it an undiscovered rural, agricultural town to where few travellers venture; now, thanks to the vision and progressive attitude of its mayor, its council and its people, it is a town of expectation and excitement for the future.


   Over the past few years, Gazipasa has seen much investment in it’s infrastructure and amenities including new shops, market and a new bus station. The roads and pavements have been upgraded and there is a new promenade with tasteful bars and restaurants, as well as an attractive botanical garden down on the beachfront.  And just recently the council has announced the approval of plans for an impressive new international yachting marina development which will incorporate not only shops and restaurants but also a cinema and amphitheatre for visiting sailors and tourists to enjoy.


  But the biggest “prize” of all will be the opening in the autumn 2008 of the new international airport, located just 5 miles outside the town on the road towards Alanya. This will be a hub for tourists visiting this south eastern corner of Turkey including the popular resorts of Alanya and Side and will greatly reduce the transfer journey times, currently over 90 minutes from Antalya.

  The arrival of the airport will have a huge effect on the local economy, bringing both visitors and investors to the town and in return create employment and prosperity for its inhabitants. Gazipasa will no longer be the poor neighbour of Alanya; instead it will be a vibrant and progressive town which, through prudent planning considerations will provide modern facilities and amenities yet still maintain its true Turkish character and charm.


There is no doubt that Gazipasa is an exciting place to associated with right now......

 In a world where people never seem to stop long enough to appreciate the natural beauty of the world around them, Gazipasa shines out with its unspoilt naturalness, its fascinating history, its unpolluted environment, and the friendly disposition of its people.


This guide has been written by the people of Gazipasa and tells of the town’s geographical location, its natural environment, the history of its people and their cultures and traditions. And no guide would be complete without a section about the food and traditional dishes of Turkey.....